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Laser Calibration


Royal Tool Control Use the Renishaw's ML10 system for calibrating All our Variset Gauges before Shipping, We can also offer this service in the field as part of our annual servicing and re-certification.

We are primarily configured for our gauges but should you have a problem with accuracy on other gauge equipment or machines please talk to out technical staff who will be more than happy to see if we can use our equipment to correct your problems.

ML10 & EC10

Renishaw's ML10 system sets new standards for calibration accuracy

Use for the comprehensive accuracy assessment of machine tools, CMMs and other positioning systems. Improve performance through targeted maintenance and correct for linear positioning errors using error compensation.

Features include:
  • 0.7ppm linear accuracy maintained over the full environmental range.
  • Simple set-up with Renishaw's unique beam steering optic.
  • New Laser10 software for data capture and analysis.
  • Data analysed to a range of international standards.
  • Error compensation packages to automatically improve machine performance.

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