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Tool Master 10-SMART

The Tool Master 10-SMART optimises tool presetting by using a fully electronic profile projector. The SMART image processor replaces the optical profile projector and is used in conjunction with the easy to use measuring electronics TC 100 to accomplish presetting and gauging.

The PWB TOOL MASTER 10-SMART is used a digital CMOS camera with telecentric objective. The tool tip is transmitted as a live image to the transflective 3.5" TFT-colour display. The measurement process is supported by positional indicators which removes operator interpretation of the location of the tools in respect to the line, this gives a system repeatability of 2 microns.

PDF Brochure


SMART Image processing
  1. Maximum search facility. largest diameter is indicated with a green line.
  2. Measuring process with position flag
  3. Angle measurement
  4. Radius measurement.

Smart Measurment screens

Measuring electronics TC 100

This compact, simple to use readout is packed with features, please follow the link to read the full specification.

TC 100 Digital readout

Tool holder

Proven needle bearing sleeve (patented) with optimal :- ISO 40 or ISO 50.

Minimum-run out in microns, easy  maintenance and replacement.

Needle Bearing Sleeve

Single Handed operation

In both axis infinite fine adjustment, best arrangement in front of the operator

Single handed operation

SMART Measuring range

TM10-SMART Technical Data

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