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Tool Master 10-TCAM2

The Tool Master 10 T-CAM2 is outstanding for its simple design. In combination with the image processing system T-CAM2 it is the ideal tool pre-setter. the 6.4" TFT-Colour monitor makes the selection of functions via a mouse or Keyboard simple and error free.

The Tool Master 10 T-CAM2 is suitable for all tool measuring and pre-setting applications in the work shop requiring efficiency and accuracy. 

It is specifically designed for rough workshop environments.

Measuring carriage with selective axis clamping for X and Z axes, with infinite fine adjustment to microns.


T-CAM2 image processing, removes any operator interpretation of the cutting edge position. and also offers one post processor for direct DNC / CNC machine integration.

Follow the link for full description.


Measuring System

  • Opto-electronic glass scales.
  • Resolution 0.001 mm
  • 99 adapter reference points.
  • 500 Tool memory
  • Control Capable of Post processing.

And many more, see the T-CAM2 Page for full specification. Click Here.

Technical Data for TM10 & TM10 TCAM2

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