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ToolMaster 250
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Tool master 250

The Tool Master 250 use optical projector technology for the operator interface in conjunction with the easy to use measuring electronics of the TC 100. The Tool Master 250 projector has a viewable 110mm screen with a magnification 20 X.

The Tool Master 250 is designed for single-handed manual operation with automatic locking on each axis.  Final position is obtained by ergonomically engineered fine adjustment hand wheels.

The TOOL MASTER 250 is designed as a bench-top unit. The base plate is made of thermally stabilized cast-iron and provides maximum rigidity. The measuring column is machined from high-tensile and stress-relieved aluminium alloy - it runs on needle bearing guides and can be traversed to the measuring point without operator fatigue.

Pre-loaded guides for the X- and Z-axes ensure long lasting accuracy. Bellow covers protected guides, fine adjustment spindles and measuring scales from pollution in harsh workshop environments.

PDF Brochure

Tool Master 250 with scope

Measuring electronics TC 100

This compact, simple to use readout is packed with features, please follow the link to read the full specification.


TC 100 Readout

Tool holder

Proven needle bearing sleeve (patented) with optimal ISO 40 or 50.

Minimum-run out in microns, easy maintenance

Needle bearing sleeve

Projector "Swiss made"


  • Diameter 110 mm, 
  • Magnification 20x, 
  • Stationary and rotating graticule, 
  • Illumination controlled by the measuring electronics.


Single-handed actuation

Ergonomically designed operating features in conjunction with single-handed pneumatic actuation permit secure traversing of the measuring carriage and use without fatigue. Large hand wheels - ideally positioned - provide infinite fine adjustment of the measuring axes with accuracy to microns.

Single handed operation

Option: Image processing: E-PRO

EPRO Display

Option: Image processing: T-CAM

T-CAM display

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