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Tool Master 5
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Tool Master 5

The Tool Master 5 is the top of the range in the PWB tool master group of pre-setters, it has a range up to 600mm diameter and 900mm tool length.


Rapid positioning with the aid of a single joystick giving step less speed of 0.1 to 30 mm/sec.

Moving tool carrier is supported on preloaded needle guides.

  • TM5-P 20x Projector version.
  • TM5-EPRO image processing version.

PDF Brochure

Tool Master 5

There are various tool holders available, see the options page, ISO 40 or ISO 50 needle bearing pictured here gives 0.002 mm run out accuracy.

ISO 50 Needle Bearing

The Swiss made projector has a diameter of 150 mm and a magnification of 20x. It has stationary and rotating graticule, tangential reference radii and 2 x 180' angular marking with vernier scale.

150mm Diameter Projector

Measuring electronics TC 100

This compact, simple to use readout is packed with features, please follow the link to read the full specification.


TC 100 Readout

TM5-EPRO Image Processing.

The addition of the EPRO vision system brings the largest of the Tool master range of gauges into its element. With automatic edge recognition and up to 5 integrated DNC post processors there is very little this controller can's do.

See the EPRO page for full specification.


Spindle KV,

Tool adapter available for ISO 40 or ISO 50 Accessories:

  • Pneumatic clamping insert for HSK-tools
  • 4 x 90 indexing for turning tools with VDI shaft
  • All ISO 40 and 50 standard reduction sleeves can be used.

Pneumatically actuated clamping insert for HSK-tools.

  • Precision tool adaptor with vacuum pull-in Tool adaptor with vacuum pull-in
  • High run out accuracy through pre-loaded precision balls.
  • Tools can be rotated and clamped in any position.
  • This facilitates the presetting of fine boring head tool tips.
  • Soft-key pad operation of all pneumatic functions.



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