EPRO is the electronic measuring system of the future, it is the intelligent combination of a CMOS camera, a 10.4“ TFT flat screen and a counting module.

The EPRO is used to align and position profiles in X and Z-axes as well as for manual measuring. Operating it is greatly simplified through the use of a mouse. No operator training is required. The system possesses a high degree of built-in intelligence. it will suggest, by automatically identifying of the cutting edges, the suitable measuring method and display.

Edge angle, position and radius are automatically displayed.

The EPRO-MAXIMUM function allows radii and angles on form tools to be measured by manually rotating the spindle.


Measuring with floating reticule for quick and easy measurements. The tool to be measured is swivelled past the screen. The cutting edges are automatically identified and measured by the suitable method.

EPRO Screen

Measuring with fixed reticule for high precision measurements. The cutting edge to be measured is positioned on the electronic reticule using the infinite fine adjustment supported by the graphic adjusting aid.

Manual selection of desired measuring method, e.g. line–line to determine intersection coordinates by mouse click.

EPRO Screen

EPRO can include frontal illumination for tip inspection. Visual inspection and measuring of the tool tips are preformed in black/white. This enables tool edge checking for possible damage and measuring where required. Magnification 20x and 40x.

EPRO Screen


Measuring System

  • Linear scales AcuRite 0,001 mm
  • Memory for 99 tool-references
  • Memory for 300 (optional 3000) tools, Ident-no.12 digits
  • Internal tool management
  • External tool management (optional, Ethernet)
  • Display mode either as absolute, differential or incremental
  • Use radius or diameter
  • Works with metric and imperial measurements
  • Hold function
  • Parallel correction
  • Password input

Data output

  • Label and tool-list
  • Data output suitable for NC (optional

Multiple Language Options

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Swedish
  • Dutch

Vision System

Measuring Method

  • Fixed and flying axis
  • Maximum
  • Measure centre

Measuring Mode

  • Automatic recognition of measuring mode by contour analysis
  • Alternative manual set of measuring mode by mouse click

Measuring Functions

  • Line/Angle/Radius
  • Angle- and Radius nominal value with tolerance-circle
  • Movable cross hair

Display and Handling Elements

  • Adjustment aid for both axis
  • Analysis window variable, definition by mouse click
  • Toggle between colour and black/white
  • Inverse tool
  • Zoom 40x
  • Display-hardcopy on PC via Ethernet for documentation of the measuring result
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