Royal Tool Control has a complete range of gauging solutions for your tool measurement needs.

Why Do I Need a Gauge?

Variset Gauges
Our Range of Manual or Powered tool pre-setting gauges.
Royal 3 Axis Powered Gauge
Tool Master Gauges
Our Range of entry level to mid range tool pre-setters.
Tool Master
On Machine Gauges.
Our range of gauges for use within the machine for tool measurement and offset calculation.
Touch Setter
Heidenhain Metrology partnership.
As one of Heidenhain chosen Metrology partners, we have at your disposal, skills and knowledge of using the Heidenhain products in particular the length gauges to design manufacture and supply complete gauging solutions for your measurement and calibration requirements.
Gauges for sale
We have for sale several reconditioned and ex-stock gauges. If you are looking for parts to repair a gauge which is no longer manufactured, we can probably help you.
Gauges For Sale
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