Tool Master 10-2D

The Tool Master 10-2D offers a cost effective solution for presetting needs and provides an excellent return on investment. It utilizes contact technology employing a single carbide combination X and Z axis probe. The shock-proof dial indicator on the gauging arm is used in conjunction with the easy to use measuring electronics TC 100 to accomplish presetting and gauging.

The PWB TOOL MASTER 10-2D is a high-quality piece of equipment with highest measurement reliability and comfort of operation. Due to the very logical set up of the measuring electronics TC 100, especially developed for pre-setters, there is no special training required for your operators.

Instead of low cost sideways, the pre-stressed linear guide ways with recalculating linear ball bearing allows absolute precision and fatigue-proof working. The counterbalance runs on guide bars in the measuring column.

Bellows cover the guide ways, the fine adjustment spindle and the measuring system.

The measuring accuracy can be increased for the X-axis (diameter) by the electronic compensation of the axis parallelism and the Z-axis (length) by the electronic correction of angle.

ToolMaster 10-2D
Measuring electronics TC 100

This compact, simple to use readout is packed with features

Tool holder

Proven needle bearing sleeve (patented) with optimal :- ISO 40 or ISO 50.

Minimum-run out in microns, easy maintenance and replacement.
Tool Holder
2D-measuring probe

  • One carbide probe for X- and Z-axis
  • Measurement pressure approx. 1N, protects the cutting edge
  • Shock-proof Dial indicator gauge with auto shift release
2D Probe
Single Handed operation

The adjustment knobs for both axis are optimally positioned in front of the operator, allowing easy single handed fine adjustment.
2D Probe
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