Tool Master Quadra

Manual presetting with fast, easy and highly precise measuring methods – the right solution for all users.

  • Manual control in X | Z and C
  • EyeRay® Software HAWK or BUZZARD
  • All-in-One PC 20.0“ with touchscreen technology
  • Glass scale
  • CMOS digital camera with tele centric lens
  • EyeRay® autofocus: automatic and fast focusing of cutter
  • Infinite fine adjustment in X- and Z-axes
  • Measuring field offset in the X- and Z-axes
  • With integral ISO50 or ISO40 spindles
  • Spindle clamping
  • Adapter and tool management
  • Label printer
  • Device table
  • Tray for toolholders
  • Link to all machine controls and manufacturing processes
  • Highest safety standards
  • High concentricity
  • Maximum measuring repeating accuracy
Tool Master Quadra
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