We have full in-house design capabilities

Recent examples of what we have created recently are shown below

Foam Inlays
Custom drawer liners for your tools. These are perfect for keeping tools safe and tidy and ideal for implementing 5S.
Bespoke Foam Inlay
Shadow Boards
A well-designed shadow board means you have all your tools to hand. Each tool is easily accessible. No clutter, no looking for the right tool.
VTC Shadow Tool Board
Digital Bore Gauges
Protect your investment in the best gauges by storing them safely in custom foams. This also saves time for the operator to find the correct size.
Our protective storage foams can protect your expensive equipment whilst making them easily available when needed.
Digital Bore Gauge Foam
Pin Gauge Storage
Easily locate the correct size with dedicated marking on the storage location. Utilise the full storage space by stacking boxes supported by the Foam inlay.
Pin Gauge Storage Foam
Fire Extinguisher Trolley
This custom Fire extinguisher stand securely holds the extinguishers on a wheeled frame for ease of moving about when cleaning.

It holds the required breathing equipment as well as the scissors required to open the respirators.

The fully printed legend plate has the required details for the extinguishers and the masks.

A complete peace of mind solution.
Fire Extinguisher Trolley
Some tool adaptors can be difficult to lift. One of our clients asked us to design an easy to use, ergonomic and safe device to lift a HSK-100 adaptor into a gauge. Here is the result.
This lifter can be used with one hand and thanks to its unique locking click on system, the tool adaptor cannot be dropped or accidently released.
HSK-100 Lifter
Large Tools
How do you transport large tools or engine parts from one place to another safely and easily?
Answer : Ask Royal.

We specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke trolleys. Built for the most demanding of environments, these will last a lifetime.
Bespoke Trolley

Key Benefits


Whilst some of our competitors only want to produce their standard range of gauges, Royal will support our customers with modifications or out and out special gauge design and manufacture.

We understand the market

With more than half a century of tool management and gauging experience the Royal companies have been instrumental in nearly all the developments in this market. we were the first to market a vision system, first to use friction drive and first to use polymer granite bases.

Custom over Standard

Where Royal do produce a full range of standard gauges and equipment, we also understand the standard kit sometimes will just not do the job, we will not encourage you into purchasing a gauge that only fits a part of your requirement.

It will not cost you the earth

Our design team will work within your specifications for size, accuracy and budget, giving you the best solution, you can get for your money.

Design only

If you need drafting or design expertise, please talk to our drawing office about designing your equipment, we can offer "design only" or "design and build" at reasonable rates.

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