Gauge Software

Variset 5 includes gauging software which allows you to pre-set tools.

Assisted or Automatic Focusing
Variset 5 allows for automatic focusing on a point making tools easier to gauge.
Automated Focusing
Simple, easy to follow screens

    Four steps to gauging a tool
  • Clamp It
  • Scan It
  • Measure It
  • Write It
  • Done It
Simple Gauging
Fully Customisable Gauge Modes
Set up the tolerances a tool needs to match quickly and easily.

Variset 5 allows you to define :-
  • Height
  • Diameter or Radius
  • Slope
  • Vortex
  • Step Length
  • and many more
These can be set up in any combination and for multiple edges and points.
Gauge Mode
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