What is F.O.D.

The acronym F.O.D has two meanings

  • Foreign Object Debris
  • Foreign Object Damage
Foreign Object Debris

Foreign Object Debris

This refers to anything that is not where it should be and

  • In manufacturing or similar, could contaminate what is being made, injure people or degrade the quality of the product
  • In aviation or similar, could be a hazard to people, aircraft, equipment or anything else of value

Examples are :-

  • Tools
  • Components
  • Coins, pens, paper clips
  • Food wrappers and other rubbish
  • Dirt, grit and vegetation
  • Wildlife such as birds and animals
  • Humans

Foreign Object Damage

This refers to the damage caused by foreign object debris that can

  • Reduce the quality of a manufactured item
  • Compromise the function of what is being made
  • Decrease the value of the manufactured product

The end result can be :-

  • Blow out tires at high speeds
  • Destroy fan blades when sucked into a jet engine
  • Damage components inside equipment
  • Reduce the expected life of equipment.

The results of foreign object debris can be death or serious injuries.

Other benefits of foreign object detection

  • Decreased costs. A lower failure rate means a lower cost to manufacture
  • Improved quality. A higher quality end product is worth more.
  • Lower maintenance cost. Decrease the cost to maintain and repair equipment. It also means it needs replacing less often.
  • Reduced downtime. When an item is not operational, it is losing money.
  • Increased production. Plan downtime proactively rather than reactively
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