Tool Shrinker

Tool Shrinkers are used to replace a tool, such as a drill, in a holder or chuck.

The holder or chuck is heated to a precise temperature, making it expand and allowing the tool inside it to be removed and replaced. The cooling process then contracts the holder around the tool, making for a very tight fit.

Tool Shrink EVO

The Tool Shrink EVO, built with the same precision as the much-respected Tool Master gauges, is ideal for replacing tools in all types of shrink holders.

  • Fast
    • Shrink time of 2 - 7 seconds depending on the tool diameter.
    • Cooling time 40+ seconds depending on the tool diameter.
    • Easy operation using keypanel.
  • Flexible
    • Shrink and unclamp tools with a diameter between Ø 3 and 32mm
    • Automated shrink cycles make the process simple
  • Safe
    • Tool holders have a longer service life as a result of automated shrink cycles
    • The smart inductor has automatic heating cycles which prevents overheating and reduces energy usage
    • Reduced setup costs and downtime during tool change.
    • Ergonomic design for enhanced safety during use.
EVO Tool Shrinker
Bilz ThermoGrip

Bilz manufacture the industry standard range of tool shrinkers. The slogan of Bilz is "Always better" and judging by comments we have had from our customers, their tool shrinkers live up to this.

  • Fully automatic cooling and drying
  • Built with safety in mind. The heated holder or chuck is lowered directly into the cooler without the operator being able to touch it.
  • A cooling time of 30 seconds ensures rapid turnaround
  • Improved drying after cooling
  • Large 50 litre cooling tank
  • Intuitive interface requires minimal operator training
  • Automatic cooling cycles increases the life of holders, chucks and attached RFID tags
  • Interface has support for multiple languages
  • Shrink and unclamp tools with a diameter between Ø 3 and 32mm
  • Various models available depending on your requirements

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Bilz ISG Tool Shrinker
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