Older Tool Master Models

Some Tool Master gauges are no longer being manufactured, but we continue to provide support, servicing and repairs for them.
Please get in touch if you need any help.

We can provide:-

If you are unsure what model your gauge is or if it is not listed below, drop us a line on 0114 244 1411.

Tool Master TM10-2D and Tool Master TM10-P
These models have now been superseded by the Tool Master Basic.
The Tool Master 10-2D and Tool Master 10-P offer a cost effective solution for presetting needs and provides an excellent return on investment. They utilize contact technology employing a single carbide combination X and Z axis probe.
ToolMaster 10-2d
Tool Master TM10-SMART
The Tool Master 10-SMART optimises tool presetting by using a fully electronic profile projector. The SMART image processor replaces the optical profile projector and is used in conjunction with the easy to use measuring electronics TC 100 to accomplish presetting and gauging.

Tool Master TM10-TCAM2 The Tool Master 10 T-CAM2 is outstanding for its simple design. In combination with the image processing system, T-CAM2 it is the ideal tool pre-setter. the 6.4" TFT-Colour monitor makes the selection of functions via a mouse or Keyboard simple and error free.

Tool Master 250
The Tool Master 250 uses optical projector technology for the operator interface in conjunction with the easy to use measuring electronics of the TC 100. The Tool Master 250 projector has a viewable ø110mm screen with a magnification 20 X. The Tool Master 250 is designed for single-handed manual operation with automatic locking on each axis. Final position is obtained by ergonomically engineered fine adjustment hand wheels.
ToolMaster 250
Tool Master 5
The Tool Master 5 is the top of the range in the PWB tool master group of pre-setters, it has a range up to 600mm diameter and 900mm tool length.
ToolMaster 5
TC 100
This clever compact measurement display, is the latest development in the range of pre-setters, packed full of functions, it will cater for most measurement requirements.
TC 100
TCAM2 is the entry model for tool measuring with electronic image processing. It is the intelligent combination of a digital CMOS-camera and evaluation electronics with a 6.4˝ TFT-colour monitor.
E Pro
EPRO is the electronic measuring system of the future, it is the intelligent combination of a CMOS camera, a 10.4“ TFT flat screen and a counting module.
E Pro
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