Automated Guided Vehicle Systems

Autonomous driving is increasingly being used to simplify the movement of items around your workplace. We provide a proven solution which works seamlessly, side by side with your workforce.

Why use AGV in your workplace?
  • Intelligent system solution - Central control, allowing for fully integrated logistics.
  • High flexibility - Wide range of vehicle types as well individual configuration and adjustment options.
  • Maximum efficiency - With high payloads, exact navigation and low-profile vehicles, you will reduce your costs.
  • Safety features - Complete collision protection from sensors and an emergency stop. Your employees can work alongside these automated vehicles with zero risk.
Auto Guided Vehicles
Vehicle Types
  • Lista Flow - With a payload of 1000kg, this is the workhouse model. It moves items around from one location to another, ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Lista Slim - When items need to retrieved from a shelf and then transported elsewhere, the Slim is the model of choice. It has a payload of 1400kg and can retrieve items at a height of up to 3000mm.
  • Lista Picking - This is the dedicated model to efficiently pick items in high-bay warehouses. It has space for 5 or more boxes and its lifting height can be adjusted up to 4000mm. It has a payload of 250kg.
  • Lista Belt - Designed for optimum transport on conveyor belts
  • Lista Order 1.0 - Allows for several orders to be picked at once
  • Lista Roller - Has a roller conveyor structure for easy loading and unloading.
  • Lista Heavy Carrier - For those large weights, this has a payload between 3 and 8 Tonnes.

  • Automatically go to a charging station when running low on power or not in use
  • Have sensors to avoid collisions
  • Communicate via the central system to negotiate around each other
  • Low profile
  • Built from the highest quality components
Automated Warehouse Picker
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