Custom Trolleys

The life blood of production is making sure that everything runs smoothly. Transportation is a large part of that process.

We recognise that every production line is different and as a result of that, transport solutions built to your specifications are key.

Trolleys are critical in the flow of material in every business.

They are used to transport materials such as components, tools and other items from one place to another. Trolleys speed up the delivery of parts from stores to assembly, move heavy and awkward items around easily and keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

We manufacture every type of industrial transport to your requirements.

Contact us and see how we can improve your production.

Trolley Gallery

Heavy Duty Trolley

This trolley is used to move very large CBN Wheels. These are heavy, awkward and potentially dangerous if not secured correctly.

An industrial transport like this one will make it safe and easy to move cumbersome items to where they are needed in your factory.

  • Extremely robust
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Locking wheels
  • Easy to load and unload
  • Excellent payload
  • Additional wagons can be linked together
Turnbroach Trolley
Kitting Trolley

A kitting trolley is typically used as a practical application of Lean manufacturing principles. The handling of parts is minimised since everything is in one place, saving time and money.

Load up the cart beforehand with only what is required and delivery it to the production line. A picking trolley will ensure that what you need, and only what you need, is now on hand.

  • Drawers with custom nylon inserts to securely hold each item
  • Shelves to hold the larger item
  • Simple to load with the necessary items
  • Effortless confirmation that everything is there
  • Available in any RAL colour at no extra cost
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Heavy duty castors with integrated locking mechanism
  • Robust
  • Designed to be easily moved by one person
Kitting Truck Foam Fixture
Safety Features

Our distribution trolleys come with castor brakes as standard. However, for high usage handcarts, it can be easy to forget to apply them. This can be a safety issue.

This hand truck has a built-in dead man handle. When the red handle is not depressed, the brakes automatically come on and the truck comes to a halt.

Multi drop deliveries are now safer and also easier.

Many different types of trolleys can benefit from this type of braking system.

  • Utility trolleys
  • Tool carts
  • Picking trolleys
  • Box handling trolleys
  • Lifting truck
  • Service carts
  • Flatbed trolleys
Quick release braking system
Drying Trolley

This utility trolley allows for the movement of items that need to be kept clean and tidy during drying.

The assembled parts can be transported from the production line to a dedicated location.

These stations have adjustable shelves and are manufactured from light yet robust materials. They also look great.

Utility Trolley
Fire Extinguisher Trolley

A fire extinguisher trolley is used to quickly and easily move equipment to the place where it is required.

We all have emergency equipment fixed to walls or stored in a cupboard. What happens when you need a more mobile solution?

This can be on standby for :-
  • Machine repairs
  • Clear up of combustible material
  • Hot work such as welding

These are commonly used by contractors on site where the client's emergency equipment cannot be used, but a risk assessment has identified a hazard which can be offset by having a mobile emergency trolley to hand.

Each of our mobile emergency solutions will be fitted with the specific equipment you need. Let us know what you want.
Emergency Equipment Truck
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