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Lista are renowned for manufacturing the best in workshop equipment and storage systems. Founded in Switzerland, the company was registered in 1945 and from the first legendary cabinet built with ball bearings, became the standard.

Thanks to our long-standing special relationship with Lista, we are able to provide the best workshop and storage systems as well as the expertise to fit it.

Give us a call on 0114 244 1411 or drop us a line to discuss your project.

Want to see some of our recent work? We have pictures of a practical storage installation and a laboratory project.

General Workshop Solutions

Workspace solutions that work in any industry. These are the items that have been the most popular over the last 50 years.

We have extensive experience in setting up workspaces in multiple industries to work the way you want.
Lista General Storage
Workstations for Every Need

  • Modular - Add in what you need. Design your own bespoke workspace
  • Ergonomic - Efficient and comfortable to use
  • Can be used in environments with special needs such as ESD areas
  • Flexible - Requirements change over time. All workstations are designed to allow you to add or remove components.

Royal Lista Flexible Workstations
Safe Handling of Electronic Parts

ESD or electrostatic discharge occurs when two objects come into contact with one another. This can cause damage to delicate electronic components such as a circuit board or memory chip and often goes unnoticed, resulting in increased costs and loss of confidence in your product.
This equipment reduces the risk of static discharge to a minimum as part of your ESD protection plan.
  • Reduce costs resulting from damaged parts and equipment
  • Decrease repair and replacement costs
  • Improve overall production
  • Increase customer satisfaction
Where there is no charge, there is no discharge
Reduce Electrostatic Discharge
Automotive Workshop System

Royal and Lista have years of experience setting up workspace equipment in the automotive industry.

  • Motor Vehicles
  • Racing
  • Utility Vehicle
  • Motorcycles

Lista Automotive Workshop
Mobile Workstations

Many industries operate in confined, harsh or mobile conditions such as :-
  • Construction
  • Off-shore
  • Defence
  • Radio and Television Broadcasts
  • Racing

We provide complete solutions for your specific requirements.
Lista Mobile
Lean Workplace Equipment

A large part of implementing lean projects is getting the right workplace equipment and then organising it to your specific requirements.
We have proven industrial experience in designing workplaces that are efficiently set out to simplify workflows.
Lean Workplace Equipment
Military Equipment

Our storage solutions meet the requirements to service, store and logistically manage tools and parts as well as radios, weapons and ammunition.
Let us know your specific requirements and we will meet them.
Lista Military Solutions
Access Control System and Locking Control System

Restricting or auditing access to tools and parts can be very helpful in any business.

  • FOD. If you know the location of parts and tools, you have taken a big step towards foreign object detection.
  • Cutting costs. Vending machines for parts allow you to buy what you need when you need it.
  • Tracking equipment. Want to know where that drill is? Access control systems can tell you who last used it.
  • Security. Allowing access to storage units on demand can help reduce shrinkage.
  • Stock Taking. Knowing what you have and where it is will make stock taking easier.

  • Allow control to the cabinet, drawer or compartment
  • Usable with RFID, numeric keypad or key
  • Comes with software to manage access and generate reports
  • Interfaces to your software if required

Imagine how being able to control who can access what, when and for how long.
Access control system
Secure Charging

These cabinets and lockers come with an integrated power supply and are lockable.

Leave your personal battery-operated devices such as laptops or drills charging up overnight, safe in the knowledge that they are secure and ready for use the next time you need them.

These are perfect for schools, offices, universities and industries where there is a requirement to restrict access to more expensive electronic equipment until it is needed.
Secure Charging
Pallet and Cantilever Shelving

Height adjustable heavy-duty storage solution. The stands are cold worked and bolted to the floor.

Certified to RAL-RG 614/2 and bears the GS mark.

Available in various lengths and heights.

Designed to last for a lifetime of heavy use.
Pallet Shelving
Partition Accessories

These are used for organising the storage in your existing units.
  • Plastic boxes
  • Troughs
  • Slotted dividers
  • Metal dividers
  • Labels
  • Foam inserts
We also provide bespoke foam inserts
Organise your storage
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