Custom Tool Change Over Solutions

You might need our change over boxes or one of our other Poka-Yoke error proofing solutions.

We have a proven track record of providing simpler, better solutions.

Does your change over area look like this?

Messy changeover area

Parts could be missing or the wrong number. Are all the tools present? Do you have the right number of parts? Hopefully...

There is a better way.

A way to be certain you have everything you need. We provide solutions with built in error-proofing.

Changeover Storage

Each shelf holds whatever is required. There are the right number of slots for each change over. Each one is precision cut to fit the right tool or part to your requirements.

Single changeover shelf

Load the trolley from the change over kits. There is an empty section with a slot for each tool coming out of the machine. When all the slots are filled, all the tools have been taken out.

Quick. Simple. Easy.

Changeover trolley
Solutions include

It works for our customers; it works in operating theatres and it will work for you.

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