Poka Yoke

Poka yoke is a Japanese term meaning inadvertent error prevention and was developed by Toyota. It is aimed at stopping errors at the point that they are occurring. Most mistakes are accidental and are caused by various factors such as overly complicated procedures, inadequate training or a loss of concentration.

A simple example is a British 3 pin plug. It cannot be inserted incorrectly and the earth pin is longer so it is the first contact with the socket.

The Poka Yoke Process
  • Describe the defect caused by the mistake.
  • Location - where did it happen? Go to the physical location where it occurred.
  • Analyse the process in which the defect was found.
  • Root Case - what was the underlying reason for the mistake?
  • Devise and Implement a solution. Ensure that it cannot happen again.

  • Reduced rejects
  • Less time spent training operators.
  • Quality control built into the manufacturing process.
  • Customers do not receive defective product.
  • Mistakes detected as they occur.
  • Defects eliminated before they happen.

Practical Examples

Foam Inlays
Foam inlays are used to make sure that all the equipment required for a process is available. It can also be used to ensure that the correct procedures are used.

We provide foams, sponge and nylon cut to fit your equipment or parts. Two coloured foam allows you to check that everything is there.

Different materials are used depending on specific requirements such as anti-static foam for delicate electronic components.

Tool Holder
Custom Trolleys
As part of your Poka Yoke solution, ensuring that you have the correct transport equipment is important.

These trolleys have surfaces shaped so that the components fit snugly into them. Any missing parts are immediately evident since there is a gap. Loading for a job is now error-proofed.

We have many years of experience in designing, creating, providing and maintaining bespoke trolleys. They last a lifetime and also look good.
Poka yoke Trolley
Lifting Equipment
A well-designed workspace has equipment for moving heavy and awkward items safely.

Whether you are looking for a custom solution to move a single tool or would like a full suite of equipment to implement a comprehensive lifting strategy, we can help.
Lifting Equipment Frame
Custom Tool Change Over Solutions
  • Do you have to change tooling on your machine when you change parts?
  • Have the wrong tools ever been left in the machine?
  • Tired of hunting for the correct parts to fit?
  • Do you want to simplify and error proof your change over?
Change-over Trolley
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