High Throughput Maintenance Area

Large Processing Area

We were asked to design, build and fit a large processing area. The requirements were plenty of storage and lots of workspace. Everything would have to be hard wearing and durable.

Example 1 - Before starting

Our client had a large open space and needed a large maintenance area with high throughput including mixed storage as well as plenty of robust surfaces to work on. We worked with the provided dimensions and drawings to come up with a solution.
A blank canvas
Adapting to fit the area

It is very rare that the standard units will fit perfectly into the allocated space. This is where the expertise of a gifted fitter comes into its own.
An awkward pipe
Handling the unexpected

There are also occasions when the shape of the premises may not match up to the measurements. Time to apply an ad hoc solution. Years of experience makes this second nature.
A corner within a corner
Storage designed for industry

Sturdy storage that will last a lifetime and still look good. Note how we take precautions to protect the floor.
Completed storage
The end result

Plenty of work surfaces with a storage unit underneath. These are easy to wipe clean and are designed for regular robust usage.
Lots of storage

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