Poka Yoke

Poka yoke is a Japanese term meaning inadvertent error prevention and was developed by Toyota. It is aimed at stopping errors at the point that they are occurring. Most mistakes are accidental and are caused by various factors such as overly complicated procedures, inadequate training or a loss of concentration.

A simple example is a British 3 pin plug. It cannot be inserted incorrectly and the earth pin is longer so it is the first contact with the socket.

The Poka Yoke Process
  • Describe the defect caused by the mistake.
  • Location - where did it happen? Go to the physical location where it occurred.
  • Analyse the process in which the defect was found.
  • Root Case - what was the underlying reason for the mistake?
  • Devise and Implement a solution. Ensure that it cannot happen again.

  • Reduced rejects
  • Less time spent training operators.
  • Quality control built into the manufacturing process.
  • Customers do not receive defective product.
  • Mistakes detected as they occur.
  • Defects eliminated before they happen.
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